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CCC April 2021 Paper : NIELIT Solve Paper 2021



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Question- 1. How many hours can you use UPI in 1 day?
a) 12
b) 23
c) 24
d) 8
Answer : c)
Question- 2. HTML is used to create …………?
a) A blank page
b) a web page
c) Slide
d) none of it
Answer : b)
Question- 3. In the LibreOffice Calc, which shortcut key is used to go to the back row?
a) Ctrl + Tab
b) Shift + Tab
c) Alt + Tab
d) Shift + Enter
Answer : d)
Question- 4. If you want to send a message to a lot of people at the same time, will you use it?
a) Macro
b) Mail Merge
c) Both
d) None
Answer : b)
Question- 5. What will be the full name of the URL?
a) Uniform Resource Locator
b) Uni Resource Locator
c) Uform Resource Locator
d) Uniform Resource Local
Answer : a)
Question- 6. Only documents saved in this format can be viewed, but cannot be edited?
a) PDF
b) Odt
c) Doc
d) None
Answer : a)
Question- 7. RAM is not working?
a) Read
b) Write
c) Depends upon computer
d) Read and Write
Answer : c)
Question- 8. What is the default file extension name of LibreOffice?
a) .odf
b) .odt
c) .ods
d) None
Answer : b)
Question- 9. A pen drive is connected to the computer through this port?
a) Parallel Port
b) network port
c) USB port
d) serial port
Answer : c)
Question- 10. Which shortcut key is used to select text?
a) Ctrl + C
b) Ctrl + V
c) Ctrl + A
d) None
Answer : c)
Question- 11. What is the example of OLX?
a) B2C
b) C2B
c) B2B
d) C2C
Answer : d)
Question- 12. Internet traffic is called ……….
a) Confession
b) Congestion
c) Concession
d) constriction
Answer : b)
Question- 13. What does application software mean?
a) The program is designed to help
b) used only for making designs
c) Performs specific tasks for computer users
d) used to control the operating system
Answer : c)
Question- 14. What is the full form of NUUP?
a) National unified USSD platform
b) New unified USSD platform
c) National unified USSD pattern
d) None
Answer : a)
Question- 15. What is the alignment of the text that sets the margin from both the left and right side of the paragraph?
a) Right
b) Center
c) Justify
d) None
Answer : c)
Question- 16. What is meant by S in AEPS?
a) system
b) service
c) Source
d) Square
Answer : a)
Question- 17. What is DuckDucGo?
a) a bay browser
b) a search engine
c) an instant messaging
d) none of the above
Answer : b)
Question- 18. MOBIKWIK was launched by which country?
a) America
b) India
c) Japan
d) none
Answer : b)
Question- 19. There are some numbers in cell A1, A2, A3, A4 in LibreOffice call. What will be the cell address if you TRANSPOSE them?
a) A1, B1, C1, D1
b) B1, C1, D1, E1
c) B1, B2, B3, B4
d) A1: B4
Answer : a)
Question- 20. What is the extension name of template file in LibreOffice Calc?
a) .ods
b) .Xlsx
c) .Xlt
d) .Ots
Answer : d)
Question- 21. What is the default font used in LibreOffice Writer?
a) Liberation Serif
b) Liberation Impact
c) Times New Roman
d) None
Answer : a)
Question- 22. What is the shortcut key to full screen in LibreOffice Calc?
a) Ctrl + Shift + H
b) Ctrl + Shift + J
c) Ctrl + Shift + N
d) None Answer : b)
Question- 23. What is the full form of GIGO?
a) Garbage in Garbage out
b) Gmail in Gmail out
c) Garage in Garage out
d) None of these
Answer : a)
Question- 24. Which of the following is the default font name style of LibreOffice Writer?
a) Trebuchet MS (Body)
b) Calibri
c) Mangal (Body CS)
d) Libreation Serif
Answer : d)
Question- 25. What is the full form of RSS?
a) Running story space
b) Really simple syndication
c) Reading social style
d) Realistic Standards System
Answer : b)
Question- 26. What is the full form of PSP related to UPI?
a) Payment Security Provider
b) Payment service provider
c) Payment Settlement Platform
d) none of these Answer : b)
Question- 27. Which of the following protocols is recommended to be discontinued as this protocol transmits the user’s password and name in plain text?
a) Hypertext transfer protocol over secured socket layer
b) Secured socket layer (SSH)
c) Telecommunication network- Telnet
d) Trivial file transfer protocol (TFTP)
Answer : c)
Question- 28. What is meant by Artificial Intelligence?
a) Program with your intelligence
b) Playing a game
c) Putting your intelligence into the computer
d) Making machine intelligent
Answer : d)
Question- 29. Who among the following is known as the inventor of credit card?
a) Steve Jobs
b) Carry Morries
c) Jef Bezos
d) Jhon Beggins
Answer : d)
Question- 30. Which of the following is the product of Bing search engine?
a) Facebook
b) Apple
c) Google
d) Microsoft
Answer : d)